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Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides Of The Pacific

12/10/2016 09:34
Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides Of The Pacific And Experts Warn The San Andreas Could ‘Unzip All At Once’ Why is our planet shaking so violently all of a sudden?  There have literally been dozens of significant earthquakes right along the Ring of Fire within the past 30 days, and two giant...

Weird Noise Coming from Arctic Seafloor

12/05/2016 20:04
A mysterious "pinging" noise is emanating from the seafloor in one of Canada's northernmost territories, and officials have yet to identify the source. The sound has been heard in recent months in the Fury and Hecla Strait, a channel of water in the Nunavut region of Canada. The Canadian...

Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem

12/05/2016 19:50
Thus saith Hashem to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him, and to loose the loins of kings; to open the doors before him, and that the gates may not be shut.” Isaiah 45:1 (The Israel Bible™) image:...

How earthquake lifted New Zealand's coastline 'up to six metres higher'

12/05/2016 19:23
Experts have been uncovering the stark realities of the earthquake that rocked New Zealand last week. The 7.8-magnitude tremor, which struck on November 14, killed two people and triggered a tsunami and landslides. Now geologists have shone a light on the impact of the earthquake on the South...

Tornado Cluster Sizes Skyrocket

12/04/2016 21:13
Tornados are behaving strangely: The number of tornado outbreaks per year is fairly constant, but the number of tornados per outbreak has skyrocketed. And scientists aren't entirely sure why. In an effort to learn more, researchers looked at meteorological factors related to tornado outbreaks, and...

Drugs or Demons? Teenager Found Biting Off Man’s Face in Florida Murder Case

10/21/2016 21:26
The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is working to make sense of a double murder case in Tequesta, Florida, where a teenage suspect was found biting off a man’s face. According to reports, neighbor Jeff Fisher called 911 after he had been stabbed trying to stop an attack on 59-year-old John...

Evangelical Lutherans Vote to Approve Declaration of Unity With Roman Catholics

10/21/2016 21:07
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) voted overwhelmingly last week to approve a declaration of unity with the Roman Catholic Church in an endeavor to “enumerate the many points of agreement between Lutherans and Catholics”—a move that some state is contrary to biblical...

Israeli Scientists Harvest Drinking Water From Air

10/21/2016 20:53
Water shortage is a pressing issue worldwide: According to the UN, 1.2 billion people (almost one-fifth of the world’s population) live in areas where water is scarce, and another 500 million people are nearing this situation. It’s no wonder, then, that the world is seeking...

Island Appearing in Sea of Galilee Could Presage Messiah Son of David

10/21/2016 20:47
An island that has recently appeared in the middle of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) is a cause of ecologic alarm, but, more importantly, it is also a sign mentioned explicitly in the Talmud as presaging the coming of the Messiah from the House of David. The sudden appearance of the island is...

New fault line discovered in Oklahoma after state rattled by strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake

10/21/2016 20:39
A magnitude-5.8 earthquake and a series of smaller aftershocks in Oklahoma has led to the discovery of a new fault line. The discovery stoked fears among some scientists about other unknown faults that could be triggered by oil and gas wastewater that’s being injected deep underground. State and...
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