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Gay Bar Gets National Parks Service Status

06/30/2016 21:03
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio helped to unveil the Stonewall National Monument sign at a designation ceremony in front of the historic gay bar, the Stonewall Inn on Monday. President Barack Hussein Obama on Friday designated the site of a watershed event in the history of U.S. gay rights, the...

Assemblies of God Pastor Sees Walkout after LGBT Rebuke

06/30/2016 20:48
On the Tuesday, June 28th edition of TRUNEWS, Oklahoma City pastor Terry Bates shares how listeners walked out of his Assemblies of God church after a message on homosexuality one Sunday morning. Bates is pastor of Oklahoma City Faith Church, a congregation of 1800 located in the state’s...

Presbyterian Church USA Caught Praying to Allah

06/30/2016 20:41
The Presbyterian Church, USA, is raising eyebrows after lifting up prayers to Allah at its General Assembly meeting last week.  "Allah bless us and bless our families and bless our Lord. Lead us on the straight path—the path of all prophets: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and...

Sudden, huge 'gash' in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains

06/22/2016 14:18
Some call it "The Crack." To others, it's "The Gash." And a few may see it simply as a case of the Earth opening up and swallowing itself. Whatever the label, the emergence of the new geologic phenomenon in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains is impressive. SNS Outfitters & Guides first alerted...

Here's why Israel could be the next Silicon Valley

06/22/2016 13:56
One of the most influential people in Israel's tech scene just gave an incredibly compelling argument on why her country will breed the next Silicon Valley. It's all about talent. On stage at the Bloomberg Technology Conference in 2016, Inbal Arieli, vice president of strategic partnerships at...

Biblical sheep heading to Israel

06/22/2016 09:12
A rare breed of sheep said to be descended from Jacob’s flock referenced in the Bible will be shepherded to Israel with the help of a Canadian Jewish couple and Israel’s national airline. El Al announced recently that it will “heavily subsidize” the costs of shipping the so-called...

Why Elon Musk Is Advocating For Brain Chipping The Human Race

06/12/2016 09:51
Would you ever chip yourself? The idea of human microchipping, once confined to the realms of science fiction and conspiracy theory, has fascinated people for ages, but it always seemed like something for the distant future. Yet patents for human ‘implants’ have been around for...

Gay Marriage Tearing This Denomination Apart

06/12/2016 09:41
A year ago, the Mennonite Church USA was one of many Christian groups struggling with dissension over the place of gays and lesbians in the church. Today, it's not just struggling, but falling apart. The divisions reached the highest level of leadership after a member of the denomination's...

Amid Chaos, Venezuelan Christians Gather in Revival

06/09/2016 21:05
What do you do when your country is in free fall? When lineups for basic foodstuffs wind around the block, and hours later when you get your turn, the shelves are bare? When the police stop you anywhere and everywhere, peering into your vehicle, checking your status? When homicides in the capital...

Pope Francis Mangles Matthew 28 and Confuses the Masses

06/05/2016 22:03
It's important to see clearly in the midst of the incredible amount of cultural confusion today, especially when faith leaders like the pope make statements that leave many of the faithful scratching their heads. Last week, the pope invited Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb to the Vatican—the highest figure...
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