Climatic and Environmental Convulsions

Study Reveals Net Ice Gain in Antarctica

11/03/2015 19:24
A new study of ice formation in Antarctica could challenge conventional wisdom that the continent is losing land ice. Writing in the Journal of Glaciology, NASA said satellite data showed that the Antarctic ice sheet gained 112 billion tons of ice per year from 1992 to 2001. That slowed to 82...

Cold Atlantic 'blob' puzzles scientists

09/30/2015 09:50
At first glance, it stands out like a sore thumb. That blob of blue and purple on the map. One of the only places on the globe that is abnormally cold in a year that will likely shatter records as the warmest globally. It's being called the Atlantic "blob." It's a large area in the North Atlantic...

El Niño Weather Phenomenon Leads to Water Rationing in Colombia

09/22/2015 20:04
The El Niño weather phenomenon is causing unusually hot and dry weather conditions in Colombia. Two hundred and ten municipalities in Colombia are now rationing water as a result of the severe drought affecting the country, Minister of Housing Luis Felipe Henao said Monday. The drought in...

U.S. In Danger of Megadrought

09/19/2015 20:25
Where the Colorado River falls from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains into the arid U.S. Southwest, lies Lake Powell. More than 500 feet (150 meters) deep in places and with narrow side canyons, the shoreline of the lake is longer than the entire West Coast of the United States. It extends upstream...

Climate Change: Sierra Nevada Snowpack At Lowest Level In 500 Years

09/17/2015 20:42
In terms of snowfall, California's Sierra Nevada snowpack is currently at its lowest level in 500 Years Sierra Nevada Snowpack – a result of the drought that the state has been experiencing since 2012, which doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, say researchers from the University of Arizona...

Scientists say California hasn’t been this dry in 500 years

09/16/2015 09:51
Researchers knew California’s drought was already a record breaker when they set out to find its exact place in history, but they were surprised by what they discovered: It has been 500 years since what is now the Golden State has been this dry. California is in the fourth year of a severe drought...

Hawaii: coral bleaching due to increased water temperatures

09/13/2015 22:19
Hawaii is experiencing its second bout of mass coral bleaching as a direct effect of abnormally high ocean temperatures. This year, an aggressive El Niño has expanded the threat to the entire state. Climate experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Reef Watch program...

Searing 164-degree temps in Iran as 'heat dome' traps Middle East

08/04/2015 06:52
The Middle East is trapped under a brutal “heat dome” that has brought apocalyptic weather and a heat index that makes it feel like 164 degrees in one Iranian city. For more than a week, Iran and Iraq have endured scorching temperatures, prompting Baghdad to declare a four-day “heat holiday” and...

A mysterious hum has been plaguing residents of a Calgary community since 2008

08/01/2015 11:27
If you’ve ever pressed one of the low keys on a piano softly and felt the note hang in the air, then you know what it’s like to hear the Ranchlands hum. The approximately 40 hertz hum has been plaguing residents of the northwest Calgary community since 2008, and nobody can figure out where it’s...

California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out

08/01/2015 11:05
The epicenter of California’s drought crisis is in the Central Valley, where there are growing fears the drought could wipe entire towns off of the map. Wells are going dry, jobs are harder to come by and families are already moving, either to different states or even Mexico in search of...
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