Climatic and Environmental Convulsions

Washington, D.C. Is Sinking Toward the Ocean

07/29/2015 21:10
As we all know, sea levels are rising. But recent research shows that Washington, D.C. is sinking toward the ocean more rapidly than some other areas, according to a study recently published in the journal GSA Today.   The District of Columbia's land is expected to fall six inches or more...

California Simultaneously Sees Drought, Flooding, Fires and Earthquake Warnings

07/22/2015 20:05
When God flooded the earth in the days of Noah, He promised that He would never destroy the planet again by water. Instead, God would use fire. Is the word of the Lord being fulfilled right here in the United States? California has been under a drought warning for months, yet within 48 hours, the...

El Niño intensifying, could rival strongest in recorded history

07/21/2015 22:01
The present El Niño event, on the cusp of attaining “strong” intensity, has a chance to become the most powerful on record. The event — defined by the expanding, deepening pool of warmer-than-normal ocean water in the tropical Pacific — has steadily grown stronger since the spring. The presence of...

Learning how to Prepare for the Worst in Washington State

07/20/2015 07:43
Local emergency responders spent the past week training with FEMA to prepare for a catastrophic event.  Local emergency responders, public safety departments and county and university-wide policy makers spent the past week training in Pullman with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to...

Sixth Mass Extinction Period On Earth Has Begun

06/21/2015 09:01
The sixth mass extinction period on Earth is underway, suggests a new study from three leading U.S. universities, warning humans could be among the first affected. The study from researchers at Stanford and Princeton universities and the University of California-Berkeley say that during the last...

New NASA data show how the world is running out of water

06/17/2015 07:29
The world’s largest underground aquifers – a source of fresh water for hundreds of millions of people — are being depleted at alarming rates, according to new NASA satellite data that provides the most detailed picture yet of vital water reserves hidden under the Earth’s surface. Twenty-one of the...

California Orders Large Cuts in Water Use

06/13/2015 08:35
California has ordered some of the largest water cuts on record to help ease shortages during the current drought. The move affects more than 100 senior water rights holders in the state's Delta, San Joaquin and Sacramento regions, including water districts that serve thousands of farmers and...

Largest reservoir in the US, drops 150 feet in 14 years

05/29/2015 21:45
It’s one thing to hear about the severity of the drought out West, but images of Lake Mead, on the Colorado River, show an unprecedented drop in its water level and hammer home the severity of the drought. Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir, is filled to only 40 percent of capacity. The...

California drought prompting state to cut water for farmers with oldest rights

05/23/2015 21:35
California farmers who hold rights to water that date back as far as the Gold Rush are bracing for their first state-ordered conservation in decades, as a record drought prompts some of the deepest cuts yet in the country’s most productive agricultural state. After telling cities and towns to...

Eerie trumpet sounds are coming from the sky

05/23/2015 20:45
  Video clips from around the world have captured an evil-sounding ‘trumpet’ noise coming from the sky — but no one can explain exactly what it is. A number of people have filmed the bizarre sound over the past 10 years with the latest coming from Germany. In the clip, shot last month, a young...
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