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Catholic Church announces new order of ex-Episcopalians

01/02/2012 21:32
NYT:  Opening its doors more widely to disaffected Episcopalians, the Roman Catholic Church has established the equivalent of a nationwide diocese in the United States that former Episcopal priests and congregations can enter together as intact groups, the Vatican announced...

New international organization to bring world religions under one roof

12/02/2011 22:19
DW World:  Saudi Arabia has financed the founding of a new international organization in Vienna designed to bring the world's religions together. The organization hopes to prevent conflict through interfaith dialogue. The foreign ministers of Austria, Saudi Arabia and Spain signed ...

Report: Pope suffering from arthrosis

11/12/2011 06:18
 UPI :  VATICAN CITY, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Vatican insiders say Pope Benedict XVI is suffering from arthrosis, a degenerative disease of the joints. Andrea Tornielli of Italy's La Stampa newspaper said the arthrosis has affected the 84-year-old pope's knees, hips and ankles, making...

Tunisia's Islamist Party to "Welcome All Faiths"

11/11/2011 07:03
VJ:  The leader of Tunisia's newly-elected Islamist party promised on Thursday that the new Tunisia will welcome people of all faiths and carry on the tradition of moderation for which it has always been known. The Associated Press reported that the Ennahda party's Secretary-General,...

Muslims and Roman Catholics meet to protect marriage

11/10/2011 07:09
Christian Institute:  Muslim and Roman Catholic leaders in Scotland are to hold a meeting to discuss their shared concerns about the Scottish Government’s plans to redefine marriage. Bashir Maan, spokesman for Glasgow Central Mosque – the largest in Scotland – has confirmed that senior...

Israel Donates Olive Tree to Pope Benedict

11/05/2011 10:02
A Tree of Friendship This is a significant prophetic act.

Pope Benedict's Failing Health

11/04/2011 17:40
DailyBeast:  Pope Benedict is now 84, the same age his predecessor was at the time of his death, and he’s clearly starting to slow down. But he might not have to die to relinquish the papacy—he could retire. When Pope John Paul II died of septic shock and heart failure, in April 2005, he...

World faiths to attend Vatican ceremony

10/25/2011 19:44
GoogleNews:  VATICAN CITY — Two hundred non-Christian religious leaders will join the pope for a ceremony on October 27 that is being boycotted however by the influential Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, the Vatican said. Pope Benedict XVI is hosting the event in favour of world peace, which was...

Interfaith 9/11 Prayer Vigil Calls for Tolerance Between Religions

09/12/2011 19:28
Urban Christian News:  Hundreds gathered in Washington Sunday to share an interfaith moment together in remembrance of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The morning vigil service, planned over months by staff at the Washington National Cathedral, integrated chants, prayers, music and...

Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth

09/12/2011 19:20
GreenProphet:  They’re doing in person and specifically in Israel what Green Prophet has been doing for the last four years: showing a faith based and cultural context in environmental action. Launched last year, meet the Jerusalem-based Interfaith Center working on issues like climate...
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