2 large quakes rumble Arkansas town

04/08/2011 20:28


GREENBRIER, Ark. (AP) - Scientists have downgraded 1 of the largest earthquakes to hit north-central Arkansas from a magnitude-4.2 quake to a magnitude-3.9.

That makes the second magnitude-3.9 quake to strike near Greenbrier, some 35 miles north of Little Rock, in as many days.

The U.S. Geological survey reported a magnitude-3.9 earthquake Friday morning, less than 24 hours after an equally strong quake hit there Thursday.

The quakes are the largest to reach the area since two injection wells agreed to temporarily cease operations on March 4 at the behest of the Arkansas Gas and Oil Commission. Some researchers have questioned whether the injection wells, used to dispose wastewater from natural-gas production, are tied to the shaking ground.

Police in Greenbrier say neither of the latest quakes caused much damage.


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