2007 Rabbinic Prophecy: Messiah Will Return Following Ariel Sharon's Death

01/08/2014 21:54

A well-known student and rabbi of Kabbalah, Yitzhak Kaduri reveals the name of Messiah (Ma­shi­akh) through a small note which he requested to remain sealed until after a year of  his death on 28 January 2006. He died at the age of 108. He was renowned Mizrahi Haredi rabbi and kabbalist who devoted his life to Torah study and prayer in behalf of the Jewish people.

A few months before Kaduri died, he astounded his followers when he told them that he met the Messiah (Ma­shi­akh). At the time rabbi Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah(Ma­shi­akh). He also mentioned that the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death. The former prime minister is still in a coma but could be home in days.) There are some other Chassidic rabbis that have predicted the same, including Rabbi Haim Cohen, Kabbalist Nir Ben Artzi and the wife of Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy.

Kaduri’s grandson, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, said his grandfather spoke many times during his last days about the coming and redemption through the Messiah.

The rabbis spiritual interpretation of the Messiah are reminiscent of New Testament accounts were published on the websites Kaduri.net and NFC:

“The revelation of the Messiah will be fulfilled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah. Then he will reveal himself to some Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars. It can be even simple people. Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation. The people will wonder and say: ‘What, that’s the Messiah?’ Many have known his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah.”

However, Jewish Torah contains no specific reference about the Messiah (Ma­shi­akh) though some Jewish scholars that it does speak of the “Last Days”. More so, Jews do not believe that the messiah will be divine. A fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity is the Jewish conviction that God is so essentially different from and beyond humanity that he could never become a human.

Most significantly, Jewish tradition affirms at least five things about the Messiah (Ma­shi­akh). He will: be a descendant of King David, gain sovereignty over the land of Israel, gather the Jews there from the four corners of the earth, restore them to full observance of Torah law, and, as a grand finale, bring peace to the whole world.



Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri was known for his photographic memory and his memorization of the Bible, the Talmud, Rashi and other Jewish writings. He knew Jewish sages and celebrities of the last century and rabbis who lived in the Holy Land and kept the faith alive before the State of Israel was born.

Kaduri was not only highly esteemed because of his old age. He was charismatic and wise, and chief rabbis looked up to him as a Tsadik, a righteous man or saint. He would give advice and blessings to everyone who asked. Thousands visited him to ask for counsel or healing. His followers speak of many miracles and his students say that he predicted many disasters.

When he died, more than 200,000 people joined the funeral procession on the streets of Jerusalem to pay their respects as he was taken to his final resting place.

“When he comes, the Messiah will rescue Jerusalem from foreign religions that want to rule the city,” Kaduri once said. “They will not succeed for they will fight against one another.”



When Rabbi Kaduri’s sealed note was opened, it revealed the name of the Messiah which many have known for centuries:

Yehoshua or Yeshua (Hebrew name of Jesus) is the Israel’s Messiah.

This is a copy of the Rabbis writing containing Messiah Yahushua’s (Yeshua – Jesus’) name!



With the biblical name of Jesus, the Rabbi and Kabbalist described the Messiah using six words and hinting that the initial letters form the name of the Messiah. ­The secret note said:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name, “He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

“This is I have signed in the month of mercy, Messiahs-Name-Yitzhak-Kaduri.”

The Hebrew sentence (translated above in bold) with the hidden name of the Messiah reads: “Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim.”

The initials spell the Hebrew name of Yehoshua. Yehoshua and Yeshua are effectively the same name, derived from the same Hebrew root of the word “salvation” as documented in Zechariah 6:11 and Ezra 3:2. ­The same priest writes in Ezra, “Yeshua son of Yozadak” while writing in Zechariah “Yehoshua son of Yohozadak.” ­The priest adds the holy abbreviation of God’s name, in the father’s name Yozadak and in the name Yeshua.

With one of Israel’s most prominent rabbis indicating the name of the Messiah is Yeshua, it is understandable why his last wish was to wait one year after his death before revealing what he wrote. Thus it was at the time the consecration of his tombstone, this was revealed.



Rabbi David Kaduri, the 80-year-old son of the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri confirmed that in his last year, his father had talked and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming. “My father has met the Messiah in a vision,” he said, “and told us that he would come soon.”  SpiritualWalk



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