666, an Old Man and a One-Eyed Dog

04/26/2010 21:16

The title of this blog entry probably really caught your eye, but it really did happen. It’s not the title to a weird rock song or a weirder country song.

 I just happened to look down at my odometer and it read 666, but before I could contemplate it, I was distracted by a person and a dog that at the time looked as big as a deer. Both were down the road where I was headed. At first I couldn’t tell if they were coming toward me or walking away, but as I got closer, I noticed they were headed the same direction that I was.

The dog saw me first and that is when I noticed he had only one eye and he wasn’t nearly as big as a deer, but similar in color. The old man never noticed me until I went past. I was more concerned about the dog. Previous experiences with dogs left me apprehensive about this one stepping out in front of me or choosing to chase me. He did neither and I went past them with ease. But that dog really had only one eye.

Then I was able to go back to the 666, which, of course by now was now some number closer to 7. Before I go much further with this, I probably need to mention that I was riding my bike it the odometer was really reading 6.66 miles—the distance I had traveled after leaving the house.

666 is a number and really that’s all. It fits in a sequence that follows 665 but comes before 667. The point I’m making is that 666 will always come if the vehicle, whether car or bike, travels to any number beyond 665. In the book of Revelation there is a series of events all moving in one direction, from beginning to end, from start to fulfillment, from the first seal being opened by Jesus to the final bowl being poured out on the earth—it’s all within a sequence.

There is an appointed time for 666 to take place. There is an appointed time for the tribulation to take place. Father God has a schedule all arranged and end time events will happen at the appointed time according to that schedule, and there is really nothing we can do to affect that schedule.

Think about Jesus dying on the cross. He didn’t choose the day or hour, but it was for the Father to decide, but Jesus was obedient and submitted willingly to the plan, purpose, and schedule of God. Jesus died on Passover as the Passover lamb fulfilling the type and shadow of Him from the original Passover during Israel’s time in Egypt. The plan was eternal and Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world.

The plan for the culmination and fulfillment of the end time is set and ready. The Antichrist will institute the mark of the beast, 666, at exactly the scheduled time. God’s got this all under control; He has the master plan, or let’s call it the Master’s Plan.

Since He has all the ages well under control, don’t you think He cares for you enough to have a plan for you?

He’s created you in His image and likeness. He has blessed you with all spiritual blessings—you belong to Him, and He does have a plan for you—a beginning and an end. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and if you are not serving Him, He still has a plan for you. He is just waiting for you to turn it over to Him and allow Him to take charge and bring that special plan for your life to pass. Take a few minutes and click on the Roman Road menu item above. There you will find the beginning of His plan for your life. The end of that plan is a promise of eternal life with Him. You don’t want to miss it.



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