94,000 People in Texas Run Out of Water Due to Worst Drought in over 50 years

09/29/2012 20:16

More than two thirds of the continental United States were affected by the worst drought in more than half a century. Almost 94,000 people of San Angelo, Texas, who are running out of water. It was reported that Texas has only enough water supplies to last one more year. On Oct. 16, it will enforce its highest level of emergency measures to save its water supply. That first-ever "Drought Level III" declaration will ban any watering of lawns, golf courses and gardens, forbid fresh water use for swimming pools and close commercial car washes. The city will also push up usage fees aiming to cut water use by at least 30 per cent as it awaits a new water pipeline now under construction. The pipeline will not be available for use until mid-2013 or later. Despite recent rains the drought continues to expand, with severe or worse drought affecting 83.80 per cent of the High Plains region, up from 82.81 per cent the prior week, according to the weekly Drought Monitor. More than half of Texas is having a drought that is rated severe or worse, and more than 95 per cent of Oklahoma is rated as experiencing the more serious category of extreme drought. The entire state of Kansas is rated in severe drought, with 88 per cent of the state falling into the more serious "extreme" drought category. The designation comes as farmers struggle to plant winter wheat. Years of low rainfall and high heat have accelerated evaporation and depletion of lakes and reservoirs. It all adds up to what many call a widening "water emergency."  UBAlert

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