After 2000 years, FRESH SHOWBREAD is being baked in Israel Today

07/18/2010 16:41

From The Temple Institute:

Following intensive experimentation and in-depth research based on traditional Jewish texts, as well as other ancient sources, experts have succeeded in recreating the showbread that was placed by the priests on the golden showbread table inside the sanctuary of the Holy Temple, bringing Israel and the world one step closer to the renewal of the Divine service.

For the first time since the Holy Temple was destroyed by the Romans 1,940 years ago, (in 70 CE), showbread, (lechem panim), has again been baked in the land of Israel. During the era that the first and second Holy Temple was standing, twelve loaves of showbread were baked on the premises, in the southeastern corner of the Beit HaMoked located inside the inner Temple Courtyard, once every week. On Shabbat the freshly baked loaves were bought by priests into the Kodesh Sanctuary of the Temple, where they were placed upon the golden Showbread Table. Simultaneously, the previous week's twelve loaves were removed and taken back to the Beit HaMoked, where they were eaten, still fresh, by the priests. Differences of opinion over how the bread was baked and how its unique shape was achieved have existed until this day, but now the recipe has been rediscovered, enabling the bread to be baked once again, in accordance with the Torah commandments and the descriptions of the bread's special attributes, which appear in the ancient literature of the sages of Israel.

Prophecy Dude says this is another great sign of the end times because preparations are being made for implementation of temple services so that when the third temple is finally constructed services can begin immediately. Awesome!


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