Ahmadinejad: Israel an insult to humanity

12/13/2010 19:47

From Jerusalem Post:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel an "insult to humanity" in a speech to the participants of an Asian humanitarian convoy in Teheran on Monday, PressTV reported.

In the speech, Ahmadinejad said that Israeli leaders are being awarded Nobel Peace Prizes while the "real genocide" is going on in the Palestinian territories, according to the report.
 He added that "the freedom and liberation of Palestine" is a "key issue" in the world today, asserting that if the international community works together, they could "end this crisis," PressTV reported.

Also speaking to the members of the Gaza convoy was  Iran's northern province of Tehran Governor-General Morteza Tammaddon. He told the Asian activists that their actions are, "a symbol of a global determination against the oppression and cruelty staged by the criminal and brutal Zionist regime against the people of Gaza and in fact against the entire humanity," Fars news agency reported.

Noting the pluralistic make-up of recent convoys, Tammaddon celebrated what he called, moves "witnessed even inside the arrogant countries," according to the report.

The activists in Asian Gaza Solidarity Caravan, organized by the Asian People's Solidarity for Palestine group, came from India, Pakistan, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore. They stopped in the Iranian city of Qom on their way to Turkey en route to Gaza, according to the report.

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