Ahmadinejad: U.S. seeking to divide Jordan to form Palestinian state

04/05/2011 21:14


The United States is leading an effort to annex a part of Jordan to the West Bank, thus enlarging the future Palestinians state, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a press conference on Monday, adding that the alleged move was meant to protect Israel's security.

Speaking in a Tehran press conference on Monday, Ahmadinejad claimed the latest conflicts in the Arab world would eventually lead to the collapse of Israel, saying: "The latest conflicts will leave no chance for the Zionist regime [Israel] to survive as all the involved countries are against the occupation of Palestine."

He added that the Arab states should be careful not to rely on the United States and its allies, "as their ultimate aim is to save" Israel.

Later Monday, Ahmadinejad was quoted by the Iranian Mehr news agency as saying that a Western plot was in motion to divide Jordan, geared at saving "the Zionist regime from annihilation and tell the world that an independent state of Palestine has been formed"

However, the Iranian president added, these "attempts will not save Israel from extinction."

Ahmadinejad also referred to the Western military intervention in Libya, quoted by IRNA as saying that "NATO and the United States made a big stupidity by invading Libya because by doing so they have carried insecurity to their own borders."

"But how can they be sure that insecurity would not penetrate into the regions inside their territories?," the Iranian president asked, adding that the people of the Middle East "will not spread the red carpet under their feet just because on pretext of toppling the Libyan government they have got engaged in a military invasion in that country and have even entered a region whose people have a long record of heavy combat against the colonialists."


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