Alien Space Cathedral Ran by Church of Scientology Discovered in New Mexico

01/02/2013 20:02

The Church of Scientology has allegedly built an alien space cathedral in a New Mexico desert. The allegation comes from BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney in his new book, "Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology."

According to Sweeney, the cathedral is home to the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and is built to withstand any type of natural or man-made disaster, including a nuclear blast. Visible to the human eye only from space are two interlocking circles, which are meant to guide foreign life forms or "Clears (high-ranking Scientologists) returning from space to find Mr. Hubbard's works after a nuclear Armageddon wipes out humanity."

"The whole purpose of putting these teachings in the vaults was so that in the event that everything gets wiped out, someone would still be willing to locate them and they would still be there," former Scientologist Chuck Beatty told Sweeney.

Sweeney notes in his book that the cathedral was built "at the cost of millions of dollars. Its vault houses the lectures of church founder L. Ron Hubbard on gold discs locked in titanium caskets sealed with argon."

The cathedral is near to Roswell, the suspected site of alien activity in New Mexico, which provides Sweeney with the idea that the Church of Scientology truly does believe in alternate life forms. Hubbard often taught about Xenu/Xemu, who was the director of the "Galactic Confederacy" who brought humans to earth, only to kill them, according to James R. Lewis, author of "The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements."

"And it is very true that a great catastrophe occurred on this planet and in the other 75 planets which formed this 'Galactic Confederacy' 75 million years ago," Hubbard wrote. "It has since that time been a desert, and it has been the lot of just a handful to try to push its technology up to a level where someone might adventure forward, penetrate the catastrophe, and undo it. We're well on our way to making this occur," he wrote in RJ (Ron's Journal) 67.

"If I'm wrong about the church believing in aliens, then why have they built these giant symbols in the middle of the desert that can only be seen from outer space?" Sweeney asked.


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