Argentina gives legal sex-change to man, declaring him a woman without surgery

12/06/2010 21:20

From LifeSiteNews

BUENOS AIRES, December 6, 2010 ( - The government of Argentina has become the first in Latin America to legally declare a man to be a woman, in accordance with his wishes.

“Tania Luna,” a male Argentine who has not undergone “sex change” surgery, but regards himself as a female, has been issued a new National Identity Document (DNI) by the Argentine government, based solely on his self-assigned “sexual identity.”

Although the law of Argentina only allows one to change one’s “sexual identity” following mutilating surgery to make the person appear to be the opposite sex, “Tania Luna” received his new identity documents after a successful lawsuit filed on his behalf by the Argentinean Homosexual Community.

Judge Pedro Hooft ruled that requiring a man to have a “sex change” operation would imply a “reductionist vision” of sexual identity, because it would equate “sex as gender with only one of its exterior manifestations, such as the presence of external masculine genital organs.”

With his new identity documents, Luna will have all of the same rights as a woman and Argentinean institutions will be required to accept him as such, according to reports in the Argentinean media.

According to the Argentinean Homosexual Community, at least 15 other “gender identity” cases are currently advancing through the country’s legal system.


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