As shortage looms, MOEA chief urges people to save water

03/03/2013 21:18

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) head Chang Chia-chu (張家祝) yesterday said the government needs to educate people about water conservation, as the nation may face a shortage by the end of April.

US bank ups Asustek target price on tablet hopesThe minister said the water level in Shimen Reservoir (石門水庫) is low, citing a severe lack of recent rainfall. Chang added that people should prepare for a potential water shortage.

Chang said the reservoir serves many functions: irrigation, flood prevention, water collection, electricity generation and tourism.

Chang noted however that in 1994 and 1995, typhoons swept through the area, depositing a large amount of mud and silt at the bottom of Shimen Reservoir.

In light of an increase in the stability of the water supply and reduced risk of water shortage, Chang said he asked the Water Resources Agency (水利署) to finish the construction of the Zhongzhuang (中庄) pondage — a form of short-term water storage designed to regulate natural water flow — by the end of 2015.

Chang said the pondage will help Shimen Reservoir use hydraulic power to drive out silt during the typhoon season. At the same time, the pondage will not affect the downstream water supply.

Shimen Reservoir is currently pursuing two water-collection projects, including pondage efforts, with a total budget of NT$25 billion, Chang said. Once the renovations are completed, the reservoir will be able to remove 1.35 million cubic meters of silt a year, Chang said, while at the same time maintaining current capacity.  ChinaPost

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