Audio Bible Ministry Records in 600-Plus Languages

11/17/2011 20:41

Charisma:  There’s been talk this week that the gospel could be preached in every nation within the next 10 to 15 years.

Ministries like Faith Comes By Hearing are part of making that possibility possible. Faith Comes By Hearing just released 11 new language recordings.

With the new languages, the audio Bible ministry now has New Testament recordings in more than 600 languages. Altogether, these languages are spoken by more than 5 billion people in more than 185 nations.

Faith Comes By Hearing is making fast progress. The ministry has released New Testament audio Bibles in 100 new languages in the past year.

"This sort of amazing progress is only possible through great partners working together for the kingdom," says Morgan Jackson, Faith Comes By Hearing's international director. "From translators to recording teams to the donors who fund the work, this is the body of Christ coming together."

The 11 new languages are Bawm (Bangladesh), Biate (India), Chinantec de Ozumacin (Mexico), Gbaya Southwest (Central African Republic), Koorete (Ethiopia), Margos Quechua (Peru), Mousgoum (Cameroon), Nomaande (Cameroon), Samba Leko (Cameroon), Tabaru (Indonesia), and Tarahumara Baja (Mexico).

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