Biblica Launches Contemporary Tagalog Bible

12/15/2010 20:07

From The Christian Post:

A Colorado Springs-based organization announced on Monday that it has finally completed the contemporary Word of God Bible for Tagalog speakers.

The project, undertaken by Biblica, took 20 years to finish. Now, 85 million people in the Philipines can access the Bible in clear, contemporary language.

"Your ministry of translating the Bible in the language of our people shall usher countless of souls in the kingdom of God," said Bishop Brother Eddie C. Villanueva, chairman of Jesus Is Lord Church, according to Biblica.

The new Bible is titled Salita Ng Dios. Biblica Philippines translators began the process of creating an NIV-like Bible translation in 1990. Tagalog is the primary language of the Philippines.

Study notes accompanying the new Bible are expected to be released in 2011.

Biblica operates in 50 countries and works to translate, produce and distribute Bibles around the world. The more than 200-year-old organization has translated the Bible in more than 100 languages and is the translation sponsor and ministry publisher of the New International Version. Its first published Bible was the French Bible in 1815 for settlers in the French-speaking Louisiana Territory.

Audrey Barrick
Christian Post Reporter

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