Billy Graham's Daughter: The Rapture Is Coming

05/15/2015 19:00

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, warns the Rapture is coming and will cause "mass chaos."

In a recent blog post on her website titled "Is God’s Judgment Coming?" Graham Lotz wrote God's "judgment is coming on America and on our world, and it's going to be ugly."

"I believe Jesus is soon to return to take all of His followers to Heaven with Him in what is referred to as the Rapture," she wrote. "While this will be deliverance for His people, can you imagine the impact on our nation, let alone the world, when suddenly every single authentic Christian disappears?
"Institutions will collapse. Banks will close. The Stock Market will plunge. Planes will fall out of the sky. Cars will crash on the road. Government in America at every level will disintegrate. Families will be torn apart. In the unprecedented turmoil, our nation will be vulnerable for our enemies to seize the moment and attack us. There will be mass chaos, confusion, fear, grief, despair, anger, threats, danger … judgment."

Graham Lotz advocates for Christians to pray and "cry out to God" from May 15-23, the nine-day period between the Day of the Ascension of Jesus and the Day of Pentecost.
Graham Lotz, 66, is the second daughter of Billy Graham, who turned 96 last November.

A recent poll found more than half of Americans think the Rapture is real, while another survey found that 27 percent of Christians think Jesus Christ will return to Earth by 2050.

Several groups, meanwhile, think the Rapture is real and will take place soon.

Recent reports claiming Christianity is on the decline are false, according to a professor and members of the faith.

"There's a story some people want to report — that religion is on life support — but it's just not true," said Baylor University professor Byron Johnson, the founding director of the Institute for Studies of Religion. NewsMax

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