Biometric IDs mandatory for revenue department in New Delhi

01/02/2013 21:17

Biometric identification now mandatory for those needing revenue department services in New Delhi

biometricThis now means that along with any other necessary documentation, an Aadhaar Unique Identification (UID) number or an enrollment slip proving biometric registration will be necessary to procure property in India.

The revenue department will be the first of many government departments to make biometric identification proof mandatory for its services, and others are soon to follow. As soon as this new requirement came into effect at the beginning of 2013, there was much confusion as many who came to take advantage of the department’s services were caught off guard when asked for UID numbers.

An issue that challenges this new move by the revenue department is that Aadhaar enrolment isn’t mandatory under law, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people still require the services of the revenue department.

“It is true that people need not enroll, but in that case, they will not be able to get the benefit of the services,” Delhi’s divisional commissioner and revenue secretary Dharam Pal said. “The idea is to link the services to biometric identity proof. If someone does not want to enroll under Aadhaar then we will consider enrollment under National Population Register which is mandatory for all.”

According to the Times of India report, authorities could get stricter in the coming months. If a UID number is not proven six months after enrollment, then services could be terminated.

As reported previously in, the Government of India is increasingly finding ways to make use of Aadhaar  numbers for various services and programs in the country. The Department of Social Welfare for example, is planning to launch a scholarship payment program through the Aadhaar number system. BiometricUpdate

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