Biometric National Identification

03/15/2010 22:17


Lawmakers are crafting a new comprehensive immigration bill that may contain a national identification card that all legal workers will have to carry. This identification card will be using biometric technology which will allow the card to carry personal information and fingerprints. The impetus behind it is its ability to curve, and according to lawmakers, stop illegal immigration—at least the illegal immigration fostered by illegal employment. The national identification card would also be a means to eliminate identify theft and, of course, help restrict potential terrorists and other undesirables from entering the United States.

Most responses against the national ID card center upon privacy concerns; most Americans are reluctant to yield up their privacy and they resist revealing more than they are comfortable about their private lives. The traditional media is also not taking into account the resistance Christians might have to this national ID as they relate it to something the Antichrist will bring into existence during his rule.

 Now, let’s put all of this into perspective. The privacy-rights people will probably win this initially, no matter how compelling the concept of restricting illegal immigration and potential terrorists. They will win by blocking the implementation of a national ID, at least until something happens to cause a relative amount of mass-hysteria. Think about it, what would it take to make people willing to accept a national ID card? People will willingly yield up certain freedoms and rights in exchange for what they would determine to be something that will protect them and preserve their well-being. This type of exchange is something Americans have done, and will do if the circumstances are just right.

The Japanese Internment during World War II seems appalling to us today, but we didn’t experience the fear that brought the internment idea into existence. Mass hysteria and mob violence are unique phenomenon born out of fear. Although technology has advanced airport passenger searches to a point of being as minimally intrusive as possible, before 911, people would have risen up and rebelled against body scans. We have yielded certain rights and freedoms in exchange for our safety and well-being.

This is why so many will so readily accept the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 14:9-11, Revelation 16:2) . The Antichrist will promise safety to those who accept the mark and along with that he will promise well-being—the ability to operate in the Antichrist’s commerce system. There will be a one-world monetary system where coins and bills will be replaced with the mark. This will be how people will buy and sell.

What should Christians do if it becomes a requirement to have a national ID? The same thing European Christians did. Most European countries require their citizens to have biometric identification cards. It’s coming, and yes it is a step towards the mark of the beast no doubt about it, but it is NOT the mark of the beast. Credit cards were a step towards the mark of the beast and everyone has one of those. If you don’t, you are probably a hermit in a cave someplace and not reading this anyway.

I remember when we got our first credit card as a newly married couple. We were so excited when we opened up the envelope, until we looked at the credit card number. There was a series of three-6’s in a row. Mrs. Prophecy Dude (or is that Dudette?) said, “Send it back!” Just as it is very difficult to function in this current world commerce system without a credit card, so it will be when the Antichrist institutes the dreaded mark. It’s not only a mark for commerce, but people who accept it are marked for the Antichrist and damnation. Fear for their safety and the inability to operate in commerce will compel them to take it willingly.

You can try to resist a national ID card all you want, but when you finally accept it you won’t be marked for damnation. The Mark of the Beast takes place 3 ½ years into the tribulation. The church will be raptured out before that, and then God will focus His attention back on the Jews. The tribulation is Daniel’s last week and it’s all about the Jewish nation by then. Those who commit their lives to Christ during the tribulation will know that they cannot take that mark and expect to make it to heaven. They will have to be martyred.

Do you notice that Prophecy Dude keeps mentioning commerce? In a future blog, the Prophecy Dude will reveal more about the Antichrist’s Mark. By the way, even though you have credit cards, you are better off not using them very much. Just use them when you need them and pay them off. Don’t be controlled by anyone but Jesus Christ the real Superstar.




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