Bob Jones: Warning to America, Do Not Put Pressure on Israel

03/09/2016 11:39

modern israel with boundaries

Prophetic Minister Bob Jones recently warned America not to put pressure on Israel to divide her land. The following is the transcript of his comments. The video presentation of him making these comments is also shown below.


“One of the worst things that could happen to America. The last time we butted into Israel’s business we pressured them to divide Gaza and New Orleans got all the rain they wanted. There is an intention now of dividing Jerusalem and if this takes place the new Madrid fault will divide United States. Isaiah chapter 18.”

“Pray that this does not happen and pray that we take our hands off of Israel and keep our hands off of it. Pray that we mind our own business and not Israel’s business.”

“If we mess with Israel we will become a Third World nation and the new Madrid fault will divide this nation.”

“The rabbis are afraid that we are going to invade Israel with NATO troops which would be American troops. If we did we would stop being the police force of the world immediately because the earthquakes would shake us until you would not believe what would take place. The polls would shake. The place would shake. It is not yet time for the new Madrid fault to quake but our actions in Israel could hurry it up. It is time for the California earthquake.”

“This flood and all of these other things are nothing compared to what the new Madrid fault earthquake would do to America.”

“We need to pray continually for mercy for Israel. Pray for her continually. Never let up on praying for her. I learned a long time ago the prayers you pray for Israel get answered. And your own prayers then get answered. So I would make praying for Israel a priority.”

“Bobby Conner. and I were sent to the state of Washington, Spokane, more than 10 years ago. We were told to go there. I was told to go there first to awaken people to pray for Israel. There was going to be an assassination attempt against Benjamin Netanyahu. So I went out there and I pray for three days. We were in a portal and we were right under it but we did not get an answer. I got a call from Bobby Conner. He was somewhere on the East Coast and the Lord told him to get out there and help me. So he flew out there. I told him to get out there and bring the word that you have. We prayed another three days and we knew that it was done. We did not know it but about 3 1/2 years later, Benjamin Netanyahu was sharing with some people that he was going over into Jordan to offer them a peace treaty to live with. He was taking his cabinet over there. An angel withstood him face-to-face and told him, “Do not go there because they intend to kill you.”

“We knew then that God had a major purpose for him. We knew that he would come back into power again. The Lord spared his life. I think he spared Netanyahu’s life so that he could spare our life.”

“It was a strange thing. We went to Spokane Washington and one of the main religious leaders there said, “Anyone in my church that goes to that prayer meeting for Israel is out of my church. And anyone in any of the other churches that goes to that meeting is out of relationship with me.”

“The intercessors who came there came from Canada and from all over the world, But none of them came from Spokane Washington. After it was over with, we love. Two weeks later, he went fishing with his son. They found the boat, but never the bodies. So messing with Israel is a very serious thing.”

“Pray that President Obama does not get congressional approval to divide Jerusalem. You do not want to live on the Mississippi River if they divide Jerusalem.”

“I have also told the people who live in California, especially in Los Angeles, i have told them to relocate, get out. My job is not to force anybody to do anything but to warn them. We are in a very serious time. We need prayer. Praise will bring prayer and prayer will release prophecy. We need the word of God spoken in agreement so we can have mercy. Wisdom is getting ready to come and justify you and your sacrifices and to give you the understanding you need on what to do. Anyone who says they understand what is going on now, do not believe them because the father is waiting on those to seek him so he can give them understanding. Seek Him and you’ll find Him.” Z3News

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