BREKKIE WRAP: Twitter users summon demon in bizarre new craze

05/26/2015 07:16

Who will I marry? ... Twitter users are trying to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie u

THE latest craze to take over Twitter has participants trying to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie using a Ouija-board-style ritual, then posting videos of their experiences online.

Said by some to be an “ancient Mexican tradition”, the so-called CharlieCharlieChallenge requires positioning two pencils on top of one another to form a cross on a piece of paper.

The words “Yes” and “No” are written on each of the quadrants formed by the pencils on the page. Participants must then ask: “Charlie, Charlie, are you here?”

If Charlie is present, the pencil will point to “Yes”, and you can proceed to communicate with the popular demon through yes/no questions.

Many are using this one-on-one chat session with the spirit to ask him relationship advice — while others are hoping for an answer to some of life’s big questions, like when Justin Bieber will release his next album, or which One Direction band member they’ll marry.

Participants have been told to beware.

According to Twitter lore, when it comes time to wrap things up, you must say goodbye to your demonic friend by chanting “Charlie, Charlie can we stop?”

Failing to do so may result in other demons coming into your home.HeroldSun

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