Central Myanmar suffers from drought

05/26/2013 06:26

daily-may25-tdl05The onset of late monsoon to the central Myanmar makes farmers worry about the agricultural productivity.

Central Myanmar covers the lower Sagaing Region, Mandalay Region and Magwe Region. Drought affected the farming as cultivation is the main business doing in these areas.

Late entering of monsoon also took its toll in the region.

The southwest monsoon usually sets between May 1 and 10 to the southern part of Myanmar, around May 15 to the Delta region, around May 20 to the middle Myanmar and May 25 to the north of the country.

This year, the onset of southwest monsoon is late for around ten days to the south and seven days to the delta region, and has not yet reached the central Myanmar.

Getting rainfall for five days continuously or two millimeters of rain falling is considered the entry of the monsoon season.

The Myanmar Climate Change Watch forecasts that the southwest monsoon condition is likely to be late to the central Myanmar and the aridity.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (Myanmar) has announced that this year rainfall to the Taninthayi Region, Mon State, and Kayin State will be more while lower Sagaing Region, Mandalay Region, Magwe Region and Chin State will be lower than the previous rainfall level.

The usual onset of monsoon to Myanmar had being become late since 1977, however the withdrawal become earlier. Total days of rain falling per year were 144 days in the past, but that became 103 days in 1997.

Droughts mainly have effects on the country's health and agricultural sectors.  Eleven

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