Church leaders anticipate Old Testament to spark revival in Nigeria

12/07/2011 19:30

MNN:  Nigeria (MNN) ― The Tarok of Nigeria are steeped in ancestor worship and animistic beliefs, despite major inroads of Christianity into the area. The Seed Company estimates that about 70% of the Tarok are Christians.

Although the Tarok speakers of Nigeria have had the New Testament since 1988, a full context of Scripture can only be gained with the Old Testament. To that end, church leaders hope that with the completion of the Tarok Old Testament, revival could spark because of the clarity of the teachings of Christ.

Because of the resurgence of these other religions, Christian leaders are concerned for the spiritual health of their congregations.

The urgency they felt seeped into the project. The translation team was making smooth progress toward drafting, checking, and testing when "Stephen," the project coordinator was kidnapped last December.

While there was hope that he would be returned soon, his absence stretched from weeks to months. Stunned, the Tarok translation team grappled with their loss. They wondered if they could carry the project forward without him.  

At that time, Pastor Sargwak stepped in as acting project coordinator. He has another full-time job, but he hopes to be released in order to work full-time with the translation. A theology undergraduate student will join the team full-time as soon as he finishes his diploma.

Praise the Lord that project committee members faithfully assist the team. Pray for Stephen's safety and and for his soon release. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give Pastor Sargwak wisdom to make good team decisions as the acting project coordinator.

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