Condoms at Montana State Fair raise eyebrows

08/14/2010 23:33


GREAT FALLS, MT - Free condoms at the Planned Parenthood booth at the Montana State Fair have stirred some emotion among other vendors when some thought contraceptives were being given to kids.
Volunteers say kids may have grabbed some of their available condoms, but overall, their work with kids tends to focus more on education.
"If someone young comes to the booth, we'll certainly engage them and let them know they need to talk to their parents," Kate Everhart of Planned Parenthood said.
Over at the Right To Life booth, volunteers say they were shocked condoms would even be provided at a family event like the fair, and add that it's not the right venue to be dispensing contraceptives.
"I think that they can do that in their place of business but I think to do it here when there's so many young people, that it's very inappropriate," Evelyn Fatz of Right To Life said.
Planned Parenthood says the majority of those asking for condoms are parents and grandparents who want to start a conversation about sex with their kids and grandkids.


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