Dallas County declares state of emergency due to West Nile

08/10/2012 15:37

WFAA:  DALLAS - Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins declared a public health emergency in Dallas County Thursday due to the West Nile virus epidemic in the area.

Jenkins instructed the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department to file a local disaster declaration with the state.

“This declaration will expand our avenues for assistance in our ongoing battle with West Nile virus," Jenkins said. "We are in constant communication with our state and regional partners. We will continue to make data and research driven decisions in seeking to supplement the outstanding work of Dallas County’s director of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) Zachary Thompson."

Jenkins organized a work session on Friday, August 10, with county, state and federal health and emergency management officials to discuss their response to the virus outbreak. They will hold a press conference afterward to share any pertinent information, updates and decisions reached.

There have been nine West Nile-related deaths in Dallas County summer and 12 overall in North Texas.

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