Dead Birds and Fish Update: Earthquakes, God top list of possible causes

01/14/2011 15:02

From Examiner

A fairly new theory as to what could have caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky this week is catching on and closing the gap on the mystery.

According to maps, a fault line in the New Madrid Seismic Zone runs through the area where approximately 5,000 or more birds mysteriously died, some falling from the sky like small water balloons.

The map shows the fault running close to Gilbertsville, Ky., Beebe, Ark., and Pointe Coupee, La.--where birds in the U.S. died.

There also have been about 500 or more earthquakes along this fault line in the last 10 years.

Earthquake theory...
When even a small, unreported quake, with slight electromagnetic ripples, happens, disturbances can be felt for hundreds of miles, expecially by migratory animals, reports indicate.

Because birds are sensitive to electromagnetic conditions and use them to navigate their flight patterns, some now believe unreported earthquakes along this fault could have been responsible for the rash of bird deaths.

During an earthquake, low frequency sound waves are produced. These waves disrupt magnetic fields and knock them off their normal paths.

Birds also have magnetite in the bodies, which make them sensitive to magnetic fields and able to fly in a variety of environments without being sent off-course and hitting obstructions.

When magnetic fields, which run south-to-north, are disrupted, birds can be pulled in different directions in flight, including directly into the ground and large structures at full force.

If earthquakes occurred during the times of the recent bird kills, the magnetic line was likely directed from north-to-south, causing thousands of birds to follow it and be killed.

As for the dead fish, the 100,000 drum fish on the Arkansas River could have also been the victims of earthquakes.

Drum fish have resonance chambers in their bodies, enabling them to make a croaking sound. Resonance chambers, biologists say, also makes drums sensitive to low frequency sound waves. This could mean that during an earthquake, drum fish would be forced to move to dangerous water conditions, where many would die.

Meanwhile, what killed the millions of fish in Maryland, New Zealand and Brazil isn’t known.  However, a shifting Magnetic North Pole, which also affects animal behavior, could be a likely cause.

Scientists speculate that almost all of the fish mistakenly moved into cold waters where they were unable to survive.

End Time Prophecy still a possibility, believes say...

Even as science seems to be uncovering a number of sensible theories as to what caused this week’s bizarre mass animal deaths, Christians around the world continue to keep a watchful eye for similar incidents that could be tied to events predicted in the Bible--most importantly events during what many believers know to be the Great Tribulation.

“If it’s earthquakes or some other scientific cause,” an Illinois Christian said, “that certainly doesn’t tell me that these bird and fish deaths are not signs that we are in the End Times.

“I mean, in the end days, earthquakes, storms and tornadoes are going to increase. And birds and fish will die. So, earthquakes and dead animals, one kills the other. Who else do you think is involved in this if it’s not God?”

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