Disappearing Honey Bees Can Devistate Food Crops

07/05/2010 20:28

According to World Net Daily more than one-third of the nation's commercial honeybee population is mysteriously disappearing – and researchers warn the unexplained phenomenon threatens one-third of the American diet.It appears that scientists can't reall yfigure this one out.

"We obviously think it's more complicated than we first believed as in we don't believe that we're looking for a single virulent pathogen, although that can't totally be ruled out," Pettis told Discovery News. "At first we were thinking that we'd find a single causative agent, a virulent pathogen sweeping through the bee population, and that doesn't appear to be the case."

In 2007, beekeepers lost 32 percent of colonies. In 2008 they lost 36 percent, and in 2009, 29 percent. Pettis said the 2010 numbers may be just as bad – or worse.

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