Does Obama's Ramadan Speech favor Islam?

08/13/2010 22:49

Is it just me, or does it appear US President Barak Obama is giving a little extra favor to Islam? I mean, after all, he doesn't publicly participate in the Christian National Day of Prayer, but his Ramadan speech sure seems to show some extra favor as he publicly participates in the Muslim ritual. Read the full speech on the White House website

Mr. President, as I understand US History, Islam has not always been a part of America. America was founded on Christian principles by Christian men and women seeking freedom and a better life for all to worship. Mr. President, didn't you state that the United States is not a Christian nation? Maybe your intent is to extend a friendly hand to Muslims in an attempt to create avenues of friendship hoping to dispell or at least lesson the Islamic extreemist threats, but please understand by doing so you are sacrificing your good will with the Christians and Jews of the United States whose values are a generations-old cultural interwoven fiber that makes up their country from its past to its present.

I don't think the majority of the American people will be pleased with this latest "faux paux" from their leader.

For a further take on this, read the recent article in Canada Free Press.

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