Drag queen invited to read to primary age children

03/12/2013 09:37

An afterschool programme in the US city of Philadelphia courted controversy when it invited a drag queen to read to its primary-aged children.

A supervisor at Haddonfield Child Care invited drag queen Martha Graham Cracker to read a Dr Seuss book to the children and perform child-friendly songs.

drag-queen-invited-to-read-to-primary-age-childrenThe supervisor, Mark Simmons, stated that he usually invites “local authors, police, politicians and illustrators”, but wanted to ask Martha, because he was “trying to add a bit of variety to our program”.

However, officials at the afterschool programme deemed it “inappropriate” and have since revoked the drag queen’s invitation.

Mr Simmons said he couldn’t understand how it was inappropriate and had hoped to persuade officials to change their minds.

In January school children aged nine to ten in Canada were shown a sexually-charged video of bikini-clad drag queens as part of a class on “transgender issues”.

Furious parents complained to the school and the teacher, Joe Winkler, was suspended while authorities carried out an investigation.

Mr Winkler, who is gay, said: “When I found the video, I thought it would be an excellent way of introducing the children to transgender issues.”

In 2011, it was revealed that UK homosexual campaign group Stonewall was to spend tens of thousands of pounds on sending a “teacher training pack” to every primary school in Britain.

The training pack included a DVD containing some highly controversial “best practice” tips from primary teachers.

The DVD showed teachers recommending that boys in primary school should be encouraged to try on dresses or dance with pompoms in the cheerleading team.

And one head teacher even said that pupils should be taught to be resilient to the values of their parents and grandparents.

The training pack also recommends that teachers read homosexual storybooks and children act out the roles in school plays.

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