Experts Predict More Earthquakes for 2010

04/08/2010 07:30

2010-01-12 Haiti 7.0

2010-02-27 Chile 8.8

 2010-04-02 Baja California 7.2

2010-04-07 Sumatra Indonesia 7.2

And the San Francisco Chronicle says there will be more earthquakes in 2010 than ever before. They say possible it’s because we are using more sophisticated measuring equipment. Yeah, right. The San Francisco Chronicle needs to turn to Matthew 24 where Jesus said earthquakes are a sign of the end. Yep, there have always been earthquakes, and several have been mentioned in the Bible, but now the bigger ones are grouping closer together similar to birth pains. Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that the end would be like the birth pains of labor. We know the signs that a baby is about to be delivered by the frequency and intensity of the birth pains. The frequency and intensity of earthquakes are increasing. We are in an up cycle of these events. “Sophisticated measuring equipment;” that is funny. They are just trying to find a way to explain it. The Bible already said it. The Bible has been exact and right on in all its prophecies. Get your heart ready. Follow the Roman Road in the menu tab above.


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