First Time? UFO 'Sighted' Over Temple Mount

02/04/2011 18:25

From Israel National News

At least three videos taken simultaneously appear to show an unidentified flying lighted object - a UFO, in common parlance - hovering directly over the Temple Mount late this past Thursday night. 

One video was apparently taken by a tourist from the United States, from within or very near to the Old City, and the others were taken by Israelis at the Haas Promenade, less than three kilometers away. The videos have been posted on Youtube, including a video that features two of them synchronized into one. 

Taken around 1 AM Friday morning, the videos show a ball of light dropping towards the Dome of the Rock, remaining there for about 24 seconds, and then suddenly shooting up and away. The first video shows the light revolving around itself, and then shooting upward with no accompanying flash of light.

The other videos show the light higher in the sky for an undetermined period, then floating downwards relatively quickly, and then soaring upwards immediately after a light flash. No official explanation for the phenomenon, if it actually occurred, has been advanced. Some observers have noted that though the videos appear to show the same thing from different angles, the fact that other lights in the scenes are not twinkling, nor do other things appear to be moving, indicate that the "UFO" was artificially introduced into what is actually a still shot of the Jerusalem night scene. Others are convinced that the videos are accurate.

 A fourth video was later added, adding to both sides' certainty of their different viewpoints.


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