Gas will reach Israel's shores by 2013

03/02/2011 06:28


Delek owner Yitzhak Tshuva promised Wednesday morning that natural gas will arrive as planned by 2013 from the Tamar offshore field.

That supply has become increasingly critical as the supply from Egypt has been disrupted. The Mari-B Israeli field which supplies 20% of the gas that produces electricity is expected to play out by 2013 and sooner if the Egyptian supply takes a long time to resume.  
Tshuva's Delek Energy had warned that the Sheshinski Committee recommendations had put that target date in doubt.

However, speaking to the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment's Third Annual National Energy Conference, Tshuva said the 2013 deadline would be met. 

"In 2013, the gas will arrive at Israel's shores. We will supply all of the needs of the state. I believe that we will reach understandings with the Treasury and Israel Electric Corporation," he said. Tshuva was not scheduled to speak at the conference but requested and received a spot at the podium.

Tshuva has been attempting to negotiate government guarantees for the development of Tamar, but so far without success.

"We have not waited for that financing and we have invested $1.4b in the project," he said.

Tshuva urged the country to use gas for cars and industry to save money and keep the money at home rather than pouring it into foreign coffers.

He concluded by calling on the Treasury to sit down and talk with the gas developers.
"Sit with us, talk with us and we will reach agreements and understandings. We will do our utmost and gas will arrive as planned," Tshuva said.

Speaking on the following panel, Amos Lasker, CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation remarked, "What Tshuva said removes the veil of uncertainty surrounding the supply of gas. We haven’t heard such a declaration since the Sheshinski Committee Recommendations came out."


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