Gaza Prime Minister Haniyeh tells high schoolers: Our only enemy is Israel

07/23/2010 23:15

From Ma'an News Agency

Gaza – Ma'an – Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh gave an ominous congratulations to Gaza students on Thursday, saying his government was ready to "cut off" Israel's intelligence efforts edging into the Strip.
Speaking at a ceremony to honor high school students who had successfully completed the national exams known locally as the Tawjihi, Haniyeh stressed the focus of the Hamas government on national reconciliation as part of the strategy to maintain Gaza's independence from Israeli influence.
He called on the Palestinian Authority to make decisions "without the intervention of the USA," which he said has been putting up hurdles in the achievement of Palestinian unity.
The Hamas government is "keen on reconciliation," Haniyeh said, while stressing police attempts to stifle Israeli efforts at gaining an intelligence arm inside Gaza were ongoing.
Government officials have recently warned residents against answering questions from inquiring individuals via phone, text message and internet chat rooms. Simple questions about geography and a neighborhood were reportedly being used by Israeli security services to gather a larger intelligence picture of Gaza, one that Hamas officials say has been lacking since the party took over in 2007.

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