Giant UFO Spotted Exiting Mexican Volcano

11/17/2012 20:45

Footage has emerged online of a one kilometer-long UFO flying rocket out of a volcano in Mexico. Your mind will be blown by this video. It might forever change the way you think about the paranormal.

Locals have been monitoring the volcano in Popocatepeti, Mexico for some time, because they are convinced there is a secret alien base under the mountain. Don't laugh. Anything is possible in this crazy universe. Because of the openings at the top, the natural wonders make ideal locations for underground extraterrestrial bases. Massive flying saucer activity has also been reported for years around the Sakurajima volcano, on an island at the southern tip of Japan.

There is a live cam streaming at Popocatepeti, and amazingly, it picked up imagery Thursday of an elongated UFO zooming out of the tip of the volcano at an incomprehensible rate of speed. The craft is estimated to be nearly one kilometer long, equal to a whopping eleven football fields! Wow! You can view Thursday's Mexico sighting here.

UFO encounters have been increasing south of the border lately, perhaps because people are nervous about the Mayan calendar prophecy, and are more attuned to the paranormal. Popocatepeti has always played a big role in Mayan and Aztec lore, so maybe this is the place where the apocalypse will commence.  GatherNews



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