Group Tells Israel: Build Temple Now!

03/23/2010 22:32


Prophecy Dude received a beautiful email from an Israeli group called The Temple Mount Faithful. This group has as its soul mission to see Temple Three built and the sacrifices reinstituted and they are working hard to this end. I believe this group will be the impetus in bringing this about. Here is some of the email:

Be'esrat HaShem
With the help of G-d
Temple Mount Faithful to Israeli Government: Build the Temple Now; No Need to Wait for the Messiah
The Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem is again in the midst of critical events in Israel. The Temple Mount will continue to be like a "volcanic mountain" as long as the Israeli government is not removing the Arab-Islamic shrines from the Holy Temple Mount and allows them to continue to desecrate the Holy Mountain of the G-d of Israel.
G-d is expecting the government of Israel to immediately remove the enemy from the Temple Mount and to rebuild the Temple with no delay. The Arab-Islamic occupation of the Temple Mount and their presence upon the location of the Holy Temple, which is an abomination of the Name of G-d, is soon to be finished under the judgment of G-d.
Israel is now in the midst of the end-time, when the G-d of Israel is fulfilling literally each of the end-time prophecies word by word. It is a true privilege to be born during such a significant G-dly time. Hundreds of generations dreamed, desired and prayed to be born during such a great time. The prophets of Israel that prophesied about 'this time' thousands of years ago gave us all the details about G-d's end-time plan. Everyone should just open the Holy Book and recognize immediately that Israel today is a clear re-creation by G-d to be the focus of all the end-time events for the entire world. What G-d is doing with Israel during these exciting days is an opening and a condition for the redemption of all of humanity.
At the same time it is a very critical time in the history of Israel when the Arab-Islamic enemies of Israel with the backing (support) of so many powers all over the world are trying to stop what G-d is doing within Israel at this special time. The present riots against Israel are a part of their efforts to remove Israel from the map of the world. They have no chance to fulfill even one iota of their evil desires. G-d is in control and He is going to judge them terribly. Nothing can stop the Almighty G-d of Israel in completing His exciting plans of end-time redemption with Israel and 'through Israel' for the entire world.
The most important and the climax of all of these exciting and godly end-time events is the rebuilding of the Temple of G-d on the Temple Mount (Mt. Moriah), the place that He chose thousands of years ago to dwell among His people Israel and at this special time among all of His creation in Jerusalem. G-d called His people to build the Temple (Exodus 25:8) with no delay and as we see Israel is very close to making this call of G-d a reality in our lifetime. The G-d of Israel called the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement to be His vessel for the fulfillment of this most major cause ever.
In this special end-time godly era when G-d is revealing to His people Israel and to the entire world that His prophetic Word is being fulfilled literally and so clearly, it is so strange and not comprehensible how there is confusion and mistaken ideas among some people regarding the rebuilding of the Temple of G-d and the coming of Mashiach Ben David. It is even worse when people share their mistaken ideas with others who live outside of Israel and advise them to make the same fallible mistakes. These mistaken ideas are standing against the Word of G-d and His commandments to Israel regarding the rebuilding of His Holy Temple. It is our duty to explain the correct godly principles of the building of the Temple of G-d especially during this critical time.


            The Temple Mount Faithful clearly believes we are in the last days, and they base this on the Bible—what we call the Old Testament, of course. They are telling the Israeli government NOT to wait for the return of the Messiah (Masiach Ben David) but to build now. They are right on with what the scriptures reveal to us in the New Testament. By the way, if you click on Prophecy Dude’s Homepage, you’ll see a link to the Temple Mount  Faithful’s website. There are some differences between them and the Temple Mount Institute and we’ll talk about that some other time.

            We know that the third temple will be in existence at least three and a half years before Messiah returns because midway through the seven-year tribulation, the Antichrist desecrates the temple. Christians sometimes get the rapture and the Second Coming confused. Jesus comes only to meet us in the air for the rapture event, also called the catching-away. He actually makes touchdown to the earth at His Second Coming—to the Jews, this is the first and only coming of Messiah.

            Bottom line—things are wrapping up! Here we have a growing group of Israeli Jews who are reading the signs based on the Old Testament and they know the time is near. They feel the push to get the temple ready. There are many Christians who benefit from prophetic revelation out of both testaments and they stagger along like nothing is happening.  Dudes, and Dudettes, read the signs! “Aw, Prophecy Dude, I’ll get serious when I see that temple go up.” Ok, do that, but while you are waiting for that, you may get to witness the catching away of the saints of God.

            Are you ready? If you are not sure, please click on the Roman Road menu tab and read what Prophecy Dude has there to help you. Get ready, now!

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