Hallmark’s 2013 Politically Correct Keepsake

12/15/2013 07:03

It doesn’t matter that the lyrics are over 200 years old and that countless voices have joined the familiar chorus of, “Deck the Halls”.

But when Hallmark used a line from the song for this year’s “Holiday Sweater” Keepsake Christmas ornament, they decided to switch the word “Gay” to “Fun” so there would be no confusion. What confusion? Hallmark is concerned for their “modern” customers. The word “gay” now refers to homosexuals.

The original intent of the Gaelic songwriters was to express the festive, colorful and bright feelings associated with Christmas. Hallmark wanted to take no chances of insulting anyone’s sensibilities about sexual preference.

There are times I wish that songs like Deck the Halls and the other Christmas carols we enjoy singing could transport us back to a simpler time that didn’t include absurd political correctness.  CP


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