Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Connecting in Egypt

02/02/2011 08:50

From News From Jerusalem

Members of the armed, Iranian-backed Hamas are entering Egypt and are collaborating with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which has had thousands of its members take to the streets to push for the end of the 30-year rule of the U.S.-backed government of President Hosni Mubarak, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which represents Mubarak's greatest opposition, has formed people's committees in the place of police, who have all but disappeared from the streets, to protect property and coordinate demonstrators' activities.

Increasingly, there also is an undercurrent of Islamist support within the Egyptian military for the demonstrators. The growing presence in the demonstrations by the Islamist militant Muslim Brotherhood, from which Hamas was created, is causing concern for the United States and Israel since the relationship of Tel Aviv, Washington and Cairo for years has been the underpinning of U.S. strategic policy in the Middle East.

Middle East sources now believe that the cooling relationship of Washington toward Tel Aviv and the potential fall of Egypt to Islamist rule will have the effect of isolating Israel. Pursuing new alliances could be difficult and could prompt Israel to turn to Syria, which has sought to re-establish the nations' former relationship.

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