Heightened volcanic activity reported in the Solomon Islands region

02/15/2013 07:19

 SOLOMON ISLANDS - The National Disaster Management Office in Solomon Islands says volcanic activity has increased on an island in Temotu province since the magnitude 8.0 earthquake several days ago. Sipuru Rove says the uninhabited island of Tinakula, which is about 50 kilometers north of Lata, has being making loud and strange sounds. He says help and information is needed from technical experts to assess the risk posed to the local community by the volcano as they are worried an eruption could be near. “The volcanic activity on one of the islands that is off Lata is alarming at the moment. And this will really require scientific special people to assist us in assessing this volcanic activity which is beginning to be abnormal.” Sipuru Rove says there are also significant aftershocks which meant a plane with supplies and medical staff couldn’t land and was forced to return to Honiara. EP

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