Helsinki bishop blesses same-sex missionary couple

06/12/2013 20:42

The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission has selected a same-sex couple to lead its missionary work in the Mekong Delta in Asia. The consecration of the pair has caused indignation among more traditional members of the congregation.

Miespari käsi kädessä.
The planned blessing of the same-sex missionary couple has sparked controversy among some groups in the congregation. Image: YLE

Helsinki Bishop Irja Askola on Sunday afternoon consecrated a pair of men for missionary work for the first time in Finland. The duo was selected to conduct missionary work in Asia.

The blessing took place during a national missionary gathering at the Helsinki Fair Centre.

The blessing of the gay couple has aroused violent opposition among some members of the congregation, with some directing their resentment over the move towards Bishop Askola in the form of intimidating emails and personal threats.  YLE


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