I Met a Former Muslim Today for Lunch

10/12/2010 20:36

 I met a former Muslim today for lunch; we talked about Islam and coming to Christ and he had a real warning for the United States.

He’s from Ghana. Islam is a predominant religion there. He said there are many “nominal’ Christians who plaster scripture all over everything, but many lack the deep committed relationship with Christ that is so needed.

He was a truck driver in the 90’s when he received Jesus as his Savior. Currently he serves as a Baptist minister engaged in raising up churches. He explained the systematic way they go in to establish these works. Of course I had to ask about Islam and how it affects his work.

Overall, he manages to have good relationships with Muslims; they respect him. He doesn’t know how many are coming to Christ—it cannot be numbered because so many of them are secret Christians. He knows it’s a lot though. There’s a real fear, a real warranted fear, of coming out of Islam. The punishment ranges all the way from excommunication from the family to death.

As we were preparing to depart from one another, he revealed his concern for the United States. He said Americans are reacting out of fear and falling right into the Islamic plan of yielding to accommodating Muslim’s demands for change to bring about their system. He said Americans should just do what the Prime Minister of Australia said, “You can live here, but we are happy the way we are. If you want to live here, then you change; we aren’t changing for you. This is us (paraphrase).”

He said that Christians whose ancestors were reached with the Gospel message by missionaries from America are deeply concerned for America. She is the spiritual mother, “In the 1850s America sent missionaries to my country and I’m a product of that.” He said they are really praying for revival in America—that America will turn before it’s too late. 

This is one example of what we’ve heard several times—the spiritual children of America’s missionaries are deeply concerned for America; perhaps they see something Americans can’t see. The Islamic efforts to change America to accommodate their religious law is creeping ever so slowly, until one day American’s will wake up to discover themselves in something they regret. That’s a real plan.

On the other hand, real prayer and real efforts need to move forward to continue to win Muslims to Christ. A spiritual awakening where Christ is being revealed is hitting the Muslim world. That’s the good news.


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