In the future, robots will replace fighters in the field

06/02/2011 19:34


In the future, we will see robotic platforms that will take the place of fighters in the field," Colonel Nessim Levy, head of the motorized systems department of the Ground Forces Technology Brigade, said on Tuesday (May 31) at the 2011 Military and Aviation conference.

Col. Levy talked about a future in which platforms were developed for logistical needs, mainly to help the IDF control populated areas for extended periods of time.

"The goal is to reach territory with controlling platforms that will help us reduce casualties amongst our forces," Col. Levy said. According to him, the platforms would particularly aid in the neutralization of threats in structures in built-up areas, a complex operation in terms of the coordination and application of forces.

Col. Levy emphasized that the development and use of these technologies would not only reduce the number of casualties amongst IDF forces, but would also create a strategic deterrent.

"The IDF's observation capabilities are becoming more and more enhanced," he said, noting that IDF technological development is today focused on designing tiny robots with the capability to dismantle explosive devices and mines in built-up areas during combat.

"The IDF's vision is to develop a system that fits a wide range of missions in the field, with the possibility of an effective operational capability that will produce a tactical advantage, deterrence and a reduction in casualties," Col. Levy said.

Col. Levy said that the replacement of soldiers in the field with robots is still far in the future - in his opinion more than a decade.


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