Islamist Leader Says America, All of Europe Will Soon be Islamic States Living Under Sharia

08/10/2012 15:42

UCN:  They've been called "megaphone jihadists," radical Muslims who take to the streets of Western cities demanding Islamic sharia law.
It's a rising movement in Europe that also shows signs of growth in America.

Meet Anjem Choudary


Anjem Choudary has been called the face of radical Islam in Great Britain. He holds frequent rallies calling for sharia law to be imposed on the United Kingdom.

CBN News first interviewed him in 2010, right after the British government banned his group, Sharia4UK.

On a recent visit to London, we found the ban has failed to stop Choudary from spreading his message that Islam will soon dominate Britain and the world.

"So you believe America, Great Britain, all of Europe, will be Islamic states living under sharia?" CBN News' Stakelbeck asked Choudary.

"I am convinced," he replied. "I am 100 percent certain that the sharia will be implemented in America and in Britain one day. The question is, 'when?' and how it will come to fruition."

He's unapologetic about what a society ruled by sharia would mean.

"If people are afraid of having their hands cut, don't steal," Choudary said. "If you don't want to be stoned to death, don't commit adultery. It seems to me that people want all of the vices and they want to get away with it as well. But it doesn't work like that."

Choudary's vision is catching on among some Western Muslims. The group Sharia4UK has spawned at least two offshoots: Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium.

There's also Sharia4America, which Choudary said is active on U.S. soil, mainly in New York City.

"The seeds for the call for sharia in America have been there for many decades," he told CBN News. "We have the Sharia4America project, where we present what we consider to be an alternative to democracy and freedom and the kind of life that people lead in America."

Sharia4America is not alone. Its pro-sharia, pro-caliphate message has been echoed in recent years by a Chicago-area group called Hizb Ut-Tahrir America.

"Ultimately, the Americans are going to be defeated," Choudary predicted. "They're going to be defeated back home and they will be defeated militarily. And they will not get the resources. They will go from the recession and the depression into, if you like, a complete downfall."

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