Islam’s Acculturation of the World: A Silent Conquest?

07/18/2010 17:47

This is amazing and really hard to believe that this can be going on in the world, especially in the United States. It can be called by several different names, but the outcome or intent is the same—an acculturation of Islam that is affecting the conduct of authorities, changing lifestyles, and even laws all of which are designed to make society more accommodating to the Islamic belief system even to the extent, which is the intent and purpose, of changing communities into Islamic-dominated ones. It’s happening right under your nose.

Although this cultural phenomenon is definitely an end time sign, especially for those who believe the Antichrist himself will be a Muslim, Prophecy Dude focuses more on the end time signs listed by Jesus in Matthew 24. There is no doubt about it, Islam is affecting the world through terrorism and it’s growth of increasing numbers in democratic countries by gradually and ever so slowly changing the culture of those democratic societies. The United States, who prides itself on what it calls pluralism and tolerance is especially vulnerable and at risk.

For those who want to keep up with the affect of Islam on the world, let me recommend two sources that I have found very informative and alarming with the rapidity they are documenting this acculturation. We are definitely approaching the end times.

The first one focuses on Islam’s affect in Europe. EuropeNews says it has “no tolerance for intolerance” and “no apology for being free.” I especially like a quote they have of Thomas Mann that says, “Tolerance becomes a crime when it is applied to evil.” You can find EuropeNews at or simply click on the EuropeNews link and it will take you there.

The one that covers the United States; its name says it all, is Creeping Sharia. Sharia is Islamic law, and it’s creeping ever so quietly into the United States and North Americans are accepting it because they would rather do that than be politically incorrect and offend. Yeah, right—it’s happening. Creeping Sharia can be found at  If you like videos, there are some great ones there that are guaranteed to put a shiver up your spine and sweat on your forehead and a yell in your mouth.

As we witness these things taking place, we need to first of all pray and simultaneously reach the lost for Christ. This age is wrapping up rapidly. Once I release this, I’ll probably get that picture of the Muslim mother sent back to me with that warning again that they are watching me. We’ll I’m watching them too, and so are a lot of others. Jesus is watching us all!


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