Israeli Group to Protest Gay Pride Parade

07/25/2010 22:17

From Israel National News:

With the gay pride parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this coming Thursday, July 29, it seems that unlike the counter-protest that was held the first time the event was held in Jerusalem, as years pass the event occurs in a relatively quiet manner.

 Right wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir has in the past led moves against the pride parade, including running educational programs in schools last year explaining the dangers of homosexuality, holding protest vigils outside the Open House, and distributing gloves to policemen protecting the march to "protect" against “contracting” the condition. On July 6, he commented on the permit given by Jerusalem police to organizers of the parade to march on the Knesset and said that police should be criticized for “assisting provocateurs.” Ben-Gvir spoke to Arutz7 Radio on Sunday regarding of the softening atmosphere in light of the continuation of the pride parades.

 At the beginning of the interview, Ben-Gvir agreed that indeed during the last few years the pride parade has received a much less severe objection. “What is routine is not always good and positive. It seems as though people accept this as obvious,” he said.

 Despite this general feeling, Ben-Gvir said that he intends to be on the scene of Thursday’s parade in order to protest. “There should be a protest and an outcry and that’s why we’ll be there,” he said and added that he refuses to accept any disregard even for a relatively small demonstration of about five to ten people, as has happened previously during protests he organized. “Even small demonstrations have a value. We are preparing to ask the police to approve a demonstration by a few dozen people. We also have a duty to the heavens. We cannot accept a situation in which provocation takes place in Jerusalem and words against the Torah are uttered. This is Hilul Hashem and something against which we cannot be silent.”

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