Jew arrested for praying on Temple Mount

01/03/2013 20:09

In what is becoming an all too common occurrence, a Jewish man this week was denied freedom of worship at Judaism's most holy site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Right-wing activist Moshe Feiglin, who is expected to enter the Knesset as a Likud lawmaker in the upcoming election, was arrested on Tuesday after the Muslim authorities that control the Temple Mount spotted him quietly bowing down in prayer.

It is not the first time Feiglin has been arrested for praying atop the Temple Mount, and he joins a long list of others, many of whom have been detained for nothing more than silently mouthing Jewish prayers while visiting the holy site.

Out of fear of another violent Muslim reaction, the Israel Police cooperate with the Islamic Waqf that occupies the Temple Mount by forbidding visiting Jews and Christians from praying at or carrying Bibles into the compound.

Israel officially guarantees freedom of religion and worship for everyone in the country. The only group that is semi-officially discriminated against are Jews when they are visiting the Temple Mount.

This time the police are going so far as to recommend that Feiglin be officially indicted, even though there is no official law against Jews praying at the Temple Mount. IstaelToday

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