Locusts plaguing southeastern Australia

11/15/2010 18:23

From UPI

MELBOURNE, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Plenty of rain and warm weather across southeastern Australia has led to what could be the largest locust invasion in 75 years, officials said.

The invasion has been months in the making, and the insects are now finding their way to the streets of Melbourne, reported.

The insects can swarm in numbers of 50 million, which is bad news for farmers, who will likely utilize chemicals to keep the locusts in check. However, the use of a pesticide could be harmful to other forms of life that feed on the locusts, the report said.

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority said swarms of locusts could make flying difficult, even dangerous. It said the insects could get drawn into hoses and intakes on aircraft.

Swarming locusts can also hamper visibility for pilots and drivers.

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