Md. Pastor Claims to Have Witnessed Miraculous Healings Documented on DVD

10/10/2012 06:01

While the Holy Bible speaks of Jesus healing lepers and bringing the dead back to life, one Maryland pastor is claiming a DVD he has made available to fellow ministers proves that similar miracles are being performed today, with those suffering with HIV and the AIDS virus also being healed.

In a recent statement, Pastor Louis Lupo encourages pastors around the nation to obtain his DVD which he claims provides "irrefutable evidence that HIV AIDS is healed and lepers are being cleansed." The pastor of Rockville, Md., reportedly has evidence from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga., and various doctors who have stated that miraculous healings of HIV and AIDS have taken place.

According to the statement released from the pastor, the cases outlined on the DVD shows healing "in biblical fashion the likes of which planet earth and the church have not witnessed since Jesus walked among us 2000 years ago!"

Pastor Lupo described some of the healings that took place when he attended the Kakamega, Kenya Revival last month.

"Truly, the LORD's promised Great End Time Revival of Joel 2:28 is occurring now, and as a United States pastor I witnessed these miracles first hand, with nearly 3 million other saints at the Kakamega, Kenya Revival, September 2012," Lupo described on the Highway of Holiness website. "I saw the cripples get up and walk, and I was humbled. I saw the blind receive their sight, and I was amazed. I heard the mute speak, and the deaf hear (in fact an entire village school for the deaf had their ears opened by the mighty Holy Spirit) and I was stunned."

He went on to describe testing that was given to those who were healed by HIV and AIDS, proving that the miracles that took place were in fact real.

"I witnessed a myriad of HIV AIDS cases healed that were certified by several medical doctors and the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) based in Atlanta," he claimed on the website. "They held PCR test results in hand (the ultimate gold standard) and tomes of government documentation. Drama of biblical proportions unfolded before my very eyes when a leper was cleansed, and I was completely undone."

According to Lupo, the free DVD being offered to pastors further explains the miraculous healings that are taking place in what he describes are "the end of times."


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