Molech’s Executive Report

04/19/2013 23:09

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“Mr. Molech, your report please,” stated the CEO seated at the head of the table surrounded by his twelve department heads.


Molech cleared his throat, raised his papers at a slight angle from the table then adjusted his perfectly round eyeglasses perched halfway down his beaklike nose. His eyes were large and black. “We have reports from China and the United States today.”


“Mr. Molech, we are waiting,” snapped the CEO.


The other eleven were poised in their familiar positions accustomed to the routine.


Molech cleared his throat again. He fixed his eyes on his papers in order to avoid the eyes of his CEO. “Currently we are at 53 million in the United States and 336 million in China. Our China manager is doing well.” Molech punctuated that with a smile.


The CEO’s deafening pause spurred Molech on. “In the United Kingdom we are reporting 6 million. It’s a smaller population base,” reminded Molech at a lower voice pitch.


“But,” broke in the CEO causing a visible and embarrassing flinch from Molech, “Let me remind you that the United States is my prize. We are finally successfully bringing it into compliance, yet I hear that Kansas has defined that life begins at fertilization, and the Arkansas legislators have overridden their Governor’s veto of their attempt to limit abortion.”


The CEO placed his hands on the table and raised himself up leaning towards Molech, “ And North Dakota has banned most abortions and defined life starting at conception. Mr. Molech, our cleaver abortion expansion has taken a hit in Mississippi where they have banned our do-it-yourself webcam abortions. You do realize that these acts jeopardize our momentum in destroying humanity in America?”


Molech swallowed hard, cleared his throat and began to speak consciously trying not to let his voice pitch raise the octaves it naturally wanted. “Sir, there is still progress.  We have New York’s governor moving to expand abortion , we are moving to expand it in the US military, we fixed it in California so that nurses can do abortions,” Molech glanced long enough to catch a pleased smile from his CEO. He spoke more confidently, “and  the US Democrats have honored abortion more than ever before, in fact, President Obama is teaching that abortion can help fulfill daughters’ dreams!”


The CEO clapped his hands, chuckled and pushed, “Do you have a gift for me, my dear Mr. Molech? A gift to delight me!”


“I do,” Molech stood tall with his shoulders back. “I have a couple of gifts for my CEO.”


The CEO drooled with joy.


Encouraged by his CEO’s pleasure, Molech continued, “My servant judge has stricken the age restrictions for the Morning After Pill!”


“Molech, that strategic item seemed impossible when we designed it. Now look! This brings me great pleasure.”


“There’s more.”


“Do tell, please! Nothing pleasures me more than to destroy the handiwork and expression of God’s image.”


“Our polls show that for the first time, a majority of Americans approve of abortion. And, our stats show that our Planned Parenthood team is doing one abortion every 94 seconds. Now that we have a good tracking method, we’ll be able to improve on those numbers.”


“Oh, Molech, this is fabulous. Just fabulous. This is the sound of praise to me.”


“Sir, as you know, our faithful servant abortionist Gosnell has been stopped. The horrors of his successful work are receiving damage control by our faithful media team. But we are doubling efforts to not only make up for his loss, but increase abortions in America. We are possessing more abortionists to expand and celebrate  this work. We even created a video to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our beloved abortion.”


“Molech, I will give you more resources. Time is short. We must get moving.”


“Thank you Sir. I will make good use of them.”


“OK, back to the rest of the world. What do you have to report?”


“Great things, Sir. Great things,” they both sat back down as Molech continued with his report.


“Our Catholic servant in Germany is vocally approving the Morning After Pill, our agent in Mexico has established a website that teaches how to perform chemical abortions at home,  and our agent in Scotland is competing by managing to rank Scotland as number two in the world for teen abortions.  The French government is now paying 100% coverage for abortions and charging the people at a delightful 75% tax rate. Also, we are directing the World Health Organization to publish a manual detailing the best ways to kill babies.“


“Delightful, delightful!”


“There’s more.”


“More? Yes!”


Molech looked seriously into his CEO’s eyes with his big round black ones. “I have instructed our team that it is time to step out. The spirit of deception has increased to such a delightful level; we have no need to disguise our efforts. Being open will allow us to move at a more accelerated rate. I know this will please you, Sir.”


“Oh, Molech, you don’t know how much. Please continue!”


“Sir, as you know, I love baby sacrifices and miss the old days when it was more direct. We are moving our people towards it again. We are teaching them that human life is invaluable and worth sacrificing.”


“Oh, this is ecstasy!”


“Sir, my last treat for you.  In Quebec our abortion servants stormed a church and chanted, “if Mary had aborted, we wouldn’t have this nonsense!

The CEO smiled broadly, outstretched his arms and shouted, “We are gaining; we are winning!”


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