Muslims expected to constitute 23% of Israelis in 2 decades

01/28/2011 19:09

From EurpoeNews

WASHINGTON – The world’s Muslim population is growing at twice the rate of other groups, with Muslims set to make up 26.4 percent of the global population of 8.3 billion people in 2030. As a proportion of the population, Israel’s Muslim population is projected to grow faster than in any other country in the world. While Muslims now make up 17.7% of the population, in two decades they will total 23%, or 1.3 million people.The estimates are part of an exhaustive demographic study released on Thursday and compiled from government and private sources by the Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures project. The researchers used census data where available, but not it was not always possible to get official numbers.

They relied on self-reporting of religious identification in drawing their conclusions.

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